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Initiation into Taoism - Level  1 

What is Taoism

A 10-lesson module by Jhian and the Way of Perfect Emptiness

Status: Continuous


  • Description

This is Level 1 of our Taoism initiation email course (read the description of the complete course pack here). It treats of the basic of Taoism, such as: Tao, yin-yang, wu, wu-wei, and more.

Much of the teachings of this module are inspired by Lao-tzu's Tao-te ching and Chuang-tzu. In short, we explain the basics in plain words.

This module is followed by Level 2, dealing with I-ching content and divination methods, followed by the Taoist meditation.

You may take this module alone. Should you take the complete course pack, you benefit from a 15% discount.

  • Schedule and delivery

This module is made of ten lessons written in html format. We send you the lessons as emails messages directly to your email address on a schedule basis, that is, one lesson every two days. This way you have enough time to read them.

  • Lessons

1. What is Taoism?
A short definition of Taoism as way of life.
2. About Adaptation and "Natural Trends"
Taoism means adaptation - but what kind of adaptation?
3. Sources of Taoism
A few words about the various Taoist sources.
4. Masters of Taoism
What and how is a Taoist master?
5. What is Tao?
Explains what is Tao.
6. About Yin and Yang
A short introduction to the meaning of these terms as they appear in Taoism.
7. Emptiness (wu)
Emptiness explained.
8. Nondoing (wu-wei)
Nondoing explained.
9. Lao-tzu and Asceticism
Was Lao-tzu a recluse? Some think he was but we don't
and explain why.
10. Meditation in Taoism
Steps to acquire the empty mind - the very core of Taoist teachings.

  • Quiz

If you wish to test your acquired knowledge you may take our online quiz upon the completion of the module (not mandatory).

  • Bonuses

We offer three bonuses should you take this course now:
- Master Lu Commentary on the Tao (PDF) - a short commentary on the chapter 1 of the Tao-te ching;

 - Alan Watts on Taoism (PDF) - a collection of commented abstracts from the book Tao: The Watercourse-Way;

- Taoism Glossary (PDF) - explains the main concepts in plan words.

  • Interactivity

You may request help with the topics approached during the course long. Please notice that our assistance is provided in real time, by a real person, through email.

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  • Help

Should you need further information about our courses, please visit our help page or contact us at support@taopage.org. We are glad to assist you.

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