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Initiation into Taoism - Level  1 

What is Taoism

A 10-lesson course by the Way of Perfect Emptiness


  • Course description

Take this course if you want to learn about the basic concepts of the Taoism such as: Tao, wu, wu-wei, and yin-yang. This is the first module of our three-module initiation course including the I-ching (Book of Changes) and the Taoist Meditation. We teach you the connection of these three topics in one single spiritual discipline or Way leading to the inner unity.

Though it's advisable to take all the three module at once, you may start with this one and see if it fits your needs.

Should you take all the three modules at once there's a discount offer - click here to learn more.

Also please note that this module (and the complete course as well) addresses the beginners, so you don't need any expertise with the Tao mystics prior of taking it.

This module is made of ten lessons as shown below:

  • Lessons

1. What is Taoism?
A short definition of Taoism as way of life.
2. About Adaptation and "Natural Trends"
Taoism means adaptation - but what kind of adaptation?
3. Sources of Taoism
A few words about the various Taoist sources.
4. Masters of Taoism
What and how is a Taoist master?
5. What is Tao?
Explains what is Tao.
6. About Yin and Yang
A short introduction to the meaning of these terms as they appear in Taoism.
7. Emptiness (wu)
Emptiness explained.
8. Nondoing (wu-wei)
Nondoing explained.
9. Lao-tzu and Asceticism
Was Lao-tzu a recluse? Some think he was but we don't
and explain why.
10. Meditation in Taoism
Steps to acquire the empty mind - the very core of Taoist teachings.

  • Quiz

If you wish to test your acquired knowledge you may take our online quiz upon the completion of the module (not mandatory).

  • Bonuses

We offer three bonuses should you take this module now:
- Master Lu Commentary on the Tao (PDF) - a short commentary on the chapter 1 of the Tao-te ching;

 - Alan Watts on Taoism (PDF) - a collection of commented abstracts from Alan Watts' book Tao: The Watercourse-Way;

- Taoism Dictionary (PDF) - there's not such resources on the net expelling everything in plan words.

  • Schedule and delivery

We send you the lessons as emails messages directly to your email address on a schedule, that is, one lesson every two days. This way you have enough time to read them.

  • Interactivity

You may request help with the topics approached during the course long. Please notice that our assistance is provided in real time, by a real person, through email.

  • Cost: $25
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Please read and follow.

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Should you need further information about our course or the payment method, please visit our help page or contact us at support@taopage.org. We are glad to assist you.

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