Way of Perfect Emptiness - Return Policy

Please take note that we (Way of Perfect Emptiness) sell only digital items. Since digital items such as email courses and papers (PDF) can not be returned to the owner, we don't issue refunds.

Still you can request a replacement of the ordered course if you order it by mistake and would like to replace it with another. However the replacement request should be submitted prior of receiving the first lesson of the ordered course, that is, within the three hours from the receipt of the welcome message. Otherwise you'll be charged $5,95 the first lesson.

You can not submit a replacement request in the case you already received the first two lessons of the ordered course, that is, after 48 hours from the course starting date.

You can not submit a replacement request for articles and papers (PDF).

  • Refund Policy

You may ask a full refund only if the product sent is not the ordered one. In this case, please send your refund request to support@taopage.org. Also send us a copy of your invoice.

We don't issue refund for the items already sent and not received by the purchaser if the issue is due to the purchaser invalid email address or the spam settings of the email account.

Refunds are processed within 30 days since the receipt of the refund request.

Please note that we don't issue refunds for our papers (PDF).

Should you need to complain about our return policy, please send your complaint to customercare@taopage.org.

January, 2017