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Yin and Yang     Price: $5.95

Introductory paper to the yin-yang principle - its first appearance, and commentary on its meaning.

Word count: 1212, PDF, download

Yin-Yang, Patterns of Interaction     Price $5.95

Many think about yin and yang as complementary principles at work in the universe. Still there are many other modes of interaction apart from the complementarity. This paper comments on this topic.

Word count: 762, PDF, download

Taoism and Christianity    Price: US$ 5.95

Discusses some seeming similarities between Taoism and Christian ethics.

Word count: 1047, PDF, download

Two Types of Questions and the Likely Answers of the Oracle Price: US$ 5.95

This paper deals with the two basic questions one may ask the I-ching oracle and the likely answers. Please note that the paper is offered free should you take our I-ching course.  

Word count: 742, PDF, download.

Example of Linking the Meaning of the Changing Line with the Resulting Hexagram    Price: US$ 5.95

Shows how one should procede when linking the meaning of the changing line with the resulting hexagram according to the I-ching practice.

Word count: 574, PDF, dowload.

A Question about Love    Price: US$ 5.95

Illustrates the method of using I-ching to predict the outcome of a love affair.

Word count: 630, PDF, download.

About Wu-Wei    Price US$ 5.95

This paper deals with the meaning of wu-wei (nondoing), one of the basic concepts of Taoism.

Word count: 819, PDF, download.

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