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Tao Practice
in the Day to Day Life

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This is the PDF version of our course with the same name (more about the course version here).

This version comprises all of the lessons of the course without bonus and assistance. Still it is the best online guide on how one may apply the Taoism teachings in his/her everyday life.

  • Summary

1. Knowing the Germs
Knowing the germs of future events is the main task of the Taoist adept.
2. Power, Will and Ambition
About the power of doing things.
3. Daily I-ching
Using I Ching in the day to day life.
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4. Nondoing
Going with the flow.
5. Emptiness
The benefit of emptying your mind.
6. Meditation
What about your inner self?
7. Balance
Inner and outer balance.
8. Health and Profit
Our daily incitement.
9. What if I Love Him/Her?
About desire and retire.
10. Getting Involved
To get or not involved?
11. Two Simple Exercises which Help You Purify Your Mind
and Gain More Disposable Energy.
12. I-ching - Example of Consultation
- example of Oracle consultation.

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