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This section lists articles and papers dealing with the basics of Taoism and I-ching. Some of them are commentaries on Taoist texts or papers inspired by the Taoist philosophy.

Our papers are intended for people who already have some experience with the Taoist ideas and concepts and for our students who follow our courses and wish to deepen their knowledge. [More about our courses may be found here].

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new Hints on Taoist Meditation in I-ching     Price $5.95

This paper deals with the Taoist meditation technique in I-ching. Quotes from Wilhelm's and Blofeld's translations of the Book are given.

[Paper by Jhian Yang, word count 577, PDF, download]

I-ching Dictionary (PDF)    Price $9.95

Explains the basics in plain words. A must-have for beginners.
This dictionary is offered free to students who took our I-ching courses.

Lao-tzu and Emptiness     Price $5.95

A short commentary on the meaning of the famous sentence "the wise ruler empties people's minds and fills their bellies" - Tao-te ching , chaper 3.

[Paper by Jhian Yang, word count 527, PDF, download]

At the Death of Lao-tzu     Price: $5.95
A commented quote from Chuang-tzu about the death of Lao-tzu and the psylosophical meaning of the mourning scene.

[Paper by Jhian Yang, word count 748, PDF, download]

Taoist View on Medecine vs. our Modern Mentality     Price: $5.95
A story recounted by Yang-tzu - the well known Lao-tzu's disciple - shows us how the old Taoist sages dealt with the medicine. The concept of illness coming with the birth and the idea of "how can a man know what Heaven didn't know", are also stressed. If you follow the Taoist path you may be interested in this story + Yang-tzu's comment + plus plus Jhian's conclusion.

[Paper by Jhian Yang, word count 914, PDF, download]

Chuang-tzu and the Butterfly Metaphor     Price: $5.95
This paper is about the meaning of the butterfly dream of Chuang-tzu. Also it provides a critical evaluation of Thomas Cleary philosophical approach of the same story.

[Paper by Jhian Yang, word count 915, PDF, download]

Taoism on Death     Price: $5.95
A collection of quotes from Chuang-tzu and Lao-tzu related to the Taoist experience of death + final conclusion.

[Paper by Jhian Yang, word count: 914, PDF, download]

Chuang-tzu and Formal Thinking     Price: $5.95

In a fragment from the Book XVIII of Chuang-tzu we find a discussion on the subject of mourning - at the Chuang'tzu's wife death - that leads us to consider two modes of thinking. This paper treats of the differences between the formal thinking and the Master's thinking, in the light of Taoist wisdom.

[Paper by Jhian Yang, word count: 1086, PDF, download]

The Sage Walks on Tao     Price: $5.95

Many fragments of Tao-te ching seem to take us to the old symbolism of Christian moral philosophy. Still this is not the case with the chapter 22 which reads: "He who has little will have a lot"... This article comments on the meaning of this text.

[Paper by Jhian Yang, word count: 814, PDF, download]

Alan Watts on Taoism     Price: $5.95

Offers a short review of Alan Watts's personal approach of Taoism illustrated with a few commented quotes. Quotes are from Watts's book: Tao: The Watercourse Way.

[Paper by Jhian Yang, word count: 1071, PDF, download]

Lao-tzu Guodian (1)     Price: $5.95

English translation of the first chapter of Gudian Lao-tzu (chapter 19 of the given text) with comments.

[Paper by Jhian Yang, word count: 273, PDF, download]

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