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Question: What will happen in 2012?

Reply: 46 (2) -> 15

With the predictions of 2012 Earth disaster in my mind, I asked the oracle his opinion. He replied with hexagram # 46 - Pushing Upward - and the changing line on the second place. This hexagram changes itself into #15.

Hexagram 46 - Pushing Upward
Pushing Upward - Hexagram #46

First thing first, one may see in hexagram #15 - translated Modesty by Wilhelm - an indication of the fact that 2012 will not bring any major event. For Modesty stands for what it means... "not so much".

The second changing line from the first hexagram points to some sacrifice. It reads:

    If one is sincere,
    It furthers one to bring even a small offering.
    No blame.

It seems it is only a small offering (sacrifice) which fits the modesty sentence of #15.

Hexagram 15 - Modesty
Modesty - Hexagram #15

In conclusion 2012 will not bring huge earth disasters as predicted by some. It is a minor year with modest achievements.

I must stress here that I asked the oracle with the aim of knowing what will happen to the entire world - in other words, I didn't mean my own person The answer, then, should affect everybody.

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