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The Yin-Yang Philosophy

A 8-chapter ebook about yin-yang meaning in Taoism

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This is the ebook version of our course with the same name (more about the course version here ). It is about the meaning of yin-yang in Taoism. In short, we explain in plain words the symbolism of yin-yang, how it is linked to the Tao, and what is the Taoist sages view on it (see the summary below). We also approach the yin-yang feature in the Book of Changes (I-ching).

yin-yang philosophyThe ebook version is provided without online assistance, bonus and final quiz.


1. A Short History of Yin and Yang
2. The Meaning of Names Yin and Yang
3. Yin and Yang in I-ching
4. Yin and Yang in Tao-te ching
5. Yin and Yang at Chuang-tzu
6. Yin and Yang at Lieh-tzu
7. Yin and Yang: Patterns of Interaction
8. Yin and Yang in Real Life

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