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Practicing Tao/Taoism - Why and How?

    If you ask a common person what means to practice Taoism today you'll find that you should go to the temple, pray to gods, sacrifice things, keep a certain diet, follow certain rituals, and so forth. This is nothing new and doesn't differ from other religions such as the Christian one.

Still we know of a "way" called tao-chia (the school of tao or of uniting with tao) that doesn't have nothing of a religious system. Its learning is inspired by the works of the famous ancient Taoist Masters such as Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu , and is based mainly on practicing nondoing and emptiness.

Unite TaoUnity is not something one can reach by simply thinking of it or meditate upon its philosophical features. One may start with practicing the Way as it was taught by the ancient Masters.

Actually we know what nondoing and emptiness are, but we don't have any hint on how to practice them in our daily life. To speak true, you may ask yourself: is there any chance to practice such things?

Your question is justified as long as you are familiar with the meaning of the word "practice", as taught by our modern schools, referring to a kind of developing one's intellectual skills and knowledge. We go to school in order to acquire these skills and knowledge, and develop them further in our later age.

The answer is yes and no. Yes, we can practice nondoing and emptiness, and no, these practices don't have any relation to the development of such intellectual skills. Though there's something concerning the mind (don't mistake "mind" for the intellect) in these practices too.

So I've been asked by my students to write a course especially dedicated to THIS practice, and mainly on how we may actually apply the Tao/Taoist teachings to our day to day life. This course - entitled Taoism Practice in the Day to Day Life - is ready and intended for people who wish to practice.

I also provided some hints on this course in the Taoism Forum. You may benefit from reading my interview by visiting the page at

One more thing: you will not find any similar course over the Net, based on the daily experience, because it is not easy to systematize a practice drawn from the obscure teachings of the ancient Taoist Masters to be followed by people of our modern world.

Thus, I hope you will appreciate my effort and seize what is really exciting with this course, that is, starting an old-time practice which is still in use!

You may find more about the course at http://www.taopage.org/taoism_practice.html.

Paper by Jhian


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