Taoism Basics Explained

Taoism presented on this site is edited by Lao-tzu in his famous Tao-te ching book.

wan-wu picture
Wan-Wu, the Ten-Thousand-Things, the ideogram representing the whole created world
The book was written as a behavioral handbook taking into account the specific conditions arising from Master Lao's teaching on Tao, viewed as the beginning, supporter and end of all things and beings in the universe.

Together with the term "tao" we also meet others, equally important, related to Tao, and which are the essence of Taoism of Lao-tzu's Taoism.

The main terms of Taoism are briefly explained on this site - if you want to find out more about them, we invite you to take our online courses. Read more...

Read about:

-> What is Tao, the fundamental concept of Taoism?

-> What is Te (present with Tao in the title of Lao-tzu's book)?

-> What is Wu (emptiness)?  A term in close relationship with Tao.

-> What is Wu-Wei, or the practice of nondoing, which is the purpose of any Taoist adherent.

-> Details about the yin-yang principle.

-> What is Fu, the return, one of the defining features of Tao's action?

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