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Several Kinds of Approaching Taoism

1. The ethical approach, where Taoism is seen as a system of ethical norms, such as looking for harmony with the world, to love everybody and not commit crimes against living creatures. From this perspective, Taoism resembles all the great religions. Most of the presentations of Taoism over the Net embrace this position.

Lao-tzu, the father of Taoism2. Another approach is metaphysical - the so-called unity with Tao , the supreme Power or Nature is propagated here. Still, it isn't very clear who or what is Tao, this POWER, with capital letters, or the Nature, and how this union is actually possible? This sort of presentation goes on well with the first. We can find here all sorts of ethical and metaphysical mixtures, together with dietary indications.

3. Sinologist's Taoism, who sees it as a museum curiosity, and describe it as such, therefore a dead and ineffective discipline. This approach can be found on the sites of universities, specialists, translators, philosophers and even Marxists!

4. Finally, there is the approach of Taoism seen as a way of life. But a way of life not limited to the primitive world or the Chinese ancient times, but one lasting even today, with the same necessity and efficiency, with reflection and rational understanding, as in the old days.

Taoism as a way of life has a precise representation about Tao and the meaning of union with it or, in other terms, about adapting to the temporal trends. It becomes, thus, a usual practice. WPE


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